ENDOSCOPIKI SA participated in the 5th AISDD 2022 Athens International Symposium on Digestive Diseases which was organized on July 1st-2nd 2022 at Megaron Athens International Conference Center.


During the two-day event, our company actively participated in our partners Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH booths, by presenting cutting-edge capital equipment and disposables for the medical specialty of Gastroenterology. We also had the chance, for the first time in the Greek market to officially launch the innovative visualization system ColoAssistPRO and the state-of-the-art colonoscope G-EYE® 700 Series.

Official Launches in Greek Market

ColoAssistPRO visualization system displays the configuration of the endoscope in real-time by reproducing a coloured graphical representation of the endoscope next to the endoscopic view. The visualization system is designed to support physicians in understanding the behaviour of colonoscopes during the intubation, to enable the identification of loop formation and to reduce patient burden during an endoscopy. Finally, it is an educational tool, as new endoscopists have the opportunity to visualize how an endoscopy is performed correctly.

The innovative colonoscope G-EYE® 700 Series with the integrated balloon at the bending section of the colonoscope offers the endoscopists an additional aid during endoscopy. On demand, the re-usable balloon can be inflated, thereby flattening the colonic walls and improving the detection of hidden polyps and the adenoma detection rate (ADR). In addition, endoscopists with the stabilization of their optic can benefit both during the characterization of polyps and during ESD and EMR therapeutic interventions.

Hands-on & Live Cases

Throughout the conference, our company in collaboration with Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH provided 4 fully equipped endoscopy towers and 8 fully equipped electrosurgical VIO3 workstations for the Hands-on workshops. Participants had the opportunity with the help and guidance of world-renowned instructors to use the latest technology and practice difficult endoscopic techniques.

At the same time, live procedures were performed in the endoscopy suites of Metropolitan Hospital and Henry Dunant Hospital Center. Our company in collaboration with Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH provided all the necessary capital equipment and disposables for their execution

Partners Dinner

Finally, we had the chance as ENDOSCOPIKI SA to organize and host a beautiful dinner with all our partners from Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH.

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