CAD EYE Artificial Intelligence system by Fujifilm Europe GmbH appeared for the first time on Greek TV.

CAD EYE: The new powerful weapon of Gastroenterologists in the fight against colon cancer is presented for the first time on Greek TV!

Dr. GEORGIOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Gastroenterologist, Invasive Endoscopist, Director of the Gastroenterology Clinic of Mitera Hospital, explains how ultra-modern endoscopes by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in combination with the experience and the training of the Gastroenterologists can contribute to the further reduction of colon cancer.

Artificial Intelligence in the service of colonoscopy!

CAD (Computed Aided Diagnosis) EYE system by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation is constantly utilizing photos and information through artificial intelligence during the colonoscopy. In this way the system detects possible polyps at certain points and informs the endoscopists, so as to be more careful.

Moreover, the system has the ability to predict whether the polyp is hyperplastic or adenomatous, showing in this way how dangerous it is to contain or lead to malignancy in the future.

Watch the whole video: CAD EYE – Colonoscopy

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