The innovative ColoAssist PRO was for the first time nationwide demonstrated in the Gastroenterology Department of Konstantopoulio General Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Konstantina Paraskeva.

ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. Gastroenterology team held the first national live demonstration of the innovative system ColoAssist PRO by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. The live case took place in the Gastroenterology Department of Konstantopouleio General Hospital by the Scientific Director of the department Dr. Konstantina Paraskeva.

ColoAssist PRO

The first national demonstration of ColoAssist PRO took place for the first time by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in the European Congress ESGE Days 2022 by European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. In the Greek Gastroenterology market we had the chance to demonstrate it for the first time during 5th AISDD 2022 Athens International Symposium on Digestive Diseases. ColoAssist PRO visualization system displays the configuration of the endoscope in real-time by reproducing a coloured graphical representation of the endoscope next to the endoscopic view. The visualization system is designed to support physicians in understanding the behaviour of colonoscopes during the intubation, to enable the identification of loop formation and to reduce patient burden during an endoscopy. Finally, it is an educational tool, as new endoscopists have the opportunity to visualize how an endoscopy is performed correctly. 

The Endoscope Visualisation System ColoAssist PRO is compatible with the ELUXEO™ family systems.  Amongst other features, the dedicated ELUXEO™ EC-760S-G/L colonoscope is equipped with CMOS, LCI, BLI, Flexible Adjuster and Adaptive Bending technology. ColoAssist PRO system is complemented by the functionally designed Endoscope Visualizer (EV-3D), the Hand Marker (EV-HM) and the Transceiver Dish (EV-TD1).

With this new innovative system, endoscopists will have the chance to further improve the examination of colonoscopy. Moreover, resident doctors will be able to get trained even better, as they will be able to visualize endoscopic techniques. Finally patients will enjoy even more safety and top class medical services.

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