401 Athens Military Hospital

ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. undertook the upgrade of the equipment of the Pulmonary Clinic in 401 Athens Military Hospitalin collaboration with the Director of the Clinic Dr. Konstantinos Psathakis and the Deputy Director Dr. Stamatis Katsenos.

Our experienced and specialized sales team of Erbe Equipment carried out the upgrade of the Pulmonary Clinic in 401 Military Hospital. The upgrade included the innovative system ERBECRYO®2  by the company Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH.

The ERBECRYO®2 system enables the use of cryotherapy techniques for endobronchial operations. With the user friendly plug and play function,  ERBECRYO®2 system automatically adjusts all the appropriate parameters for each sensor. Simultaneously, it displays all the important settings on the screen and is activated via a foot switch, offering tremendous ease of use.

During the installation and the training of the Pulmonary Clinic staff, Dr. Vasileios Skouras and Dr. Apostolos Traulos were also present.