Athens Medical Center

Athens Medical Group assigned to ENDOSCOPIKI SA the equipment upgrade of the Gastroenterology – Hepatology department of Athens Medical Center.

The Gastroenterology – Hepatology department, under the direction of Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis was equipped with two state-of-the-art electrosurgical workstation VIΟ3 by the company Erbe Elektromedizin. The electrosurgical workstation VIΟ3 uses 15 digital signal processors with a capacity of 25 million measurements/sec. This facilitates superior system performance and improves reproducibility of the tissue effect. The electrosurgical workstation VIΟ3 allows the simultaneous use of up to 6 instruments. The large touchscreen with its graphical user interface, ensures user friendliness, allowing to control easily all parameters. Our experienced team specialized in Erbe equipment, completed the installation in the presence of the Director Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis and the leading nurse Nikos Saltas.

Gastroenteroly – Hepatology department will benefit with the exceptional equipment of Erbe Elektromedizin. As a result, Athens Medical Center with this cutting-edge technology will provide safety to its patients and users.