CAD EYE for the first time on Greek TV

2022-01-20T16:49:15+02:00April 1st, 2021|

CAD EYE Artificial Intelligence system by Fujifilm Europe GmbH appeared for the first time on Greek TV. CAD EYE: The new powerful weapon of Gastroenterologists in the fight against colon cancer is presented for the first time on Greek TV! Dr. GEORGIOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Gastroenterologist, Invasive Endoscopist, Director [...]

Bronchoscope ELUXEO™ system at Iaso Thessaly

2022-01-20T16:49:00+02:00March 1st, 2021|

Bronchoscope ELUXEO™ system by Fujifilm Europe GmbH at Iaso Thessaly. Endoscopiki S.A. installed the innovative High Definition endoscopic ultrasound system Sonart SU-1 by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in Iaso Thessalias. The system is accompanied with an ELUXEO™ processor and ultrasound endoscopes 580 Series Super CCD for endobronchial ultrasound [...]

2nd Bronchoscope ELUXEO™ system at GNA Sotiria

2022-01-20T16:48:42+02:00February 1st, 2021|

2nd Bronchoscope ELUXEO™ system by Fujifilm Europe GmbH at General Hospital of Athens Sotiria. General Hospital of Athens Sotiria after the significant donation of Artemis Association for Histiocytic Disorders, trusted ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. for installing the innovative bronchoscope system ELUXEO™ by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in the fully renovated Interventional Endoscopy [...]

AI system CAD EYE at Mitera Hospital

2022-01-20T16:48:05+02:00January 1st, 2021|

Artificial Intelligence System CAD EYE by Fujifilm Europe GmbH at Mitera Hospital. The innovative CAD EYE artificial intelligence (AI) system by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation was successfully installed by ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. at Mitera Hospital, following the installation of the endoscopic system ELUXEO™ of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation in 2017 at the [...]

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