Three new Time-Lapse Embryoscope Systems by Vitrolife were installed in the laboratory of the IVF Unit Institute of Life by Group Iaso

Following the first installation of the innovative Embryscope + Time Lapse System by Vitrolife  in the laboratory of the IVF unit Institute of Life by Group Iaso, three new Embryoscope + & Embryoscope Flex systems were added. In addition the systems were equipped with the innovative artificial intelligence system iDAScore by Vitrolife, the collaboration all of whom will result to a significant increase in the rate of the IVF pregnancies in our country.

The innovative Time Lapse Monitoring technology used by the state-of-the-art Embryoscope + and Embryoscope Flex machines enables for

  • Continuous and undisturbed monitoring of the embryos without the need to remove them from the incubator.
  • Ensure an ideal and stable culture environment for the embryos without human intervention.
  • Increase the implantation rate and reduce the percentage of the pregnancies lost or aborted, thus reducing the overall time to pregnancy.

Finally, Embryoscope + and Embryoscope Flex have the ability to simultaneously monitor embryos of up to 24 patients.

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